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Welcome to the F.A.Q. page about #pinkdevils.
I hope you find all the answers to your questions here.

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What is "#pinkdevils" and the "Undernet"?
How can I find #pinkdevils?
What am I allowed to do, what not? (rules)
Can you explain me the basic functions of mIRC and the Chat?
What do the @ and + in front of the nicks mean?
How can I get a @ or +?
How can I get pics in the IRC?
Where can I find the pics after downloading?
Do I have to take every pic, or can it be automated? (AUTO ACCEPT)
What is a "trigger"?
I can't get any pics. What am I doing wrong? (IGNORE)
Are there any security risks in the IRC (Virus', Trojans…)?
How can I navigate an fserver and what is an fserver anyway?
How can I offer my pics in the channel?
What is "#pinkdevils" and the "Undernet"?

#pinkdevils is our little chat channel on IRC
That's also where you can find the Administrators and Moderators from our message board.
The advantage of the channel is that you can get the pinkdevils newest work there easily.
You can get tips & tricks concerning scanning and how to make pics from us there too.
Of course you can just chat and discuss with us (if it has to be:)

The Undernet is just a network where all the different channels come together.
In the IRC there are a lot of these networks like EFnet, DALnet and so on.

How can I find #pinkdevils?
All you need is an IRC-Client. I personally prefer the mIRC (like a lot of others too).
Here's how to get started:
  1. Download an IRC-Client. I prefer the mIRC. You can find the newest version at
  2. Install mIRC. I don't think that should bring up to many problems.
  3. Start mIRC. Then you'll see this window:
  4. Here you have to put in:
    - Name
    - Email address
    - Nickname
    - alternative NicknameOf course what ever you type in does NOT have to be correct (or real).

    As soon as you have filled out all the fields you have to choose a server (e.g. Undernet:EU,NL,Diemen). Then you click "connect to IRC server".

    In "Status" you can watch the mIRC try to get a connection to a server. If a connection fails mIRC tries to hook on the next server.

    Make sure your firewall is adjusted, it might throw up some problems but I don't think so.One more thing: Make sure your nickname doesn't have more than 9 symbols.
  5. After mIRC has connected to a server, you'll see the next window:

Just type #pinkdevils into the upper line and click "join".

If everything worked, you'll enter our little channel now.

What am I allowed to do, what not (What are the rules?) top
Click here to read the rules
Can you explain the basic functions of mIRC and the chat to me? top
This is how mIRC works:
1 = Channel window
2 = Nick list

Here are some of the most important functions in the chat:

  • /nick : This is how to change your nick: /nick uSr
  • /me : "/me feels good today" appears as "f2k feels good today" in the channel.
    You can also write triggers that way.
  • /quit : This is how to stop the connection to the server
  • /part #channel : This is how to leave the channel. Of course you can use the cross like in any other program too
  • /help : If you have questions to any functions this is how to get answers. E.g. /help dcc
  • auto rejoin: get you back in the channel in case you get kicked. You'll find it under Options > IRC
  • reconnect on disconnection: In case mIRC looses the connection it automatically starts a new try. Find it under Options > Connect > Options

    To open a private chat all you have to do is double-click the nick in the list or enter "/query nick"

What do the @ and + in front of the nicks mean? top

The @ means that this user is an "operator" (in this channel).
He can kick other users out of the channel and even ban them.

The + in front of a nick means this user has a voice. "Voices" are people who are in the channel often or got this status for other reason.

How can I get a @ or +? top

You can only get the status of an operator if we choose you. But that almost never happens because PinkDevils administrators and moderators are the only ones that get this status.

To get a + is easier. Users that are here often get a voice. If you do something special for PinkDevils you might get one too.

How can I get pics in the IRC? top
There are three ways to get pics (or other files) in the IRC

  1. Just ask. If you're looking for pics of any particular star, just ask! If anyone has pics of that person you'll get them. If you don't get pics from anyone don't be pissed! It's just because no one has any.
  2. Use one of the triggers running through the channel
    If you don't know what a trigger is or how to use it click here
  3. The third and most complex way to get pics is to use to so called fservers. Fservers can be compared to ftp's. More info about fservers here
If you get pics you'll see this window in the mIRC:

This is where you can accept or ignore the pic, or cancel the whole thing.
You can find the pic in the file "Save As:" in the lowest line in the window.
Where can I find the pics after downloading? top

You can find the pics (or other files) under c:\mirc\downloads (if mIRC is installed under c:\mIRC)

You can also designate different download-folders for different kinds of files.

Menu DCC Options (1) > Folders (2) > DCC Get Folders (3)With the help of the Add-button you can designate a new download folder (see the screenshot below) for example to put video clips in their own folder.Add folder:

Here you can designate the filename, format (*.jpg, *.jpeg) and download-folder. You can also have a file executed by a program from here.

Do I have to take every pic, or can it be automated?

No you don't have to take every pic!

Yes, it can be automated!

This is how it works:
You have to get into the DCC > Options > DCC menu to activate this function

To take every pic you have to activate "Auto-get file". If you activate "minimize" the window that opens when you get a file is always minimized.Tip: With this function you take every file! Be careful if you haven't changed the ignore-settings!

Get more information here

One more tip:
If you don't want to close the windows from the downloads manually, activate this function.

What is a "trigger"?

A trigger is a text an other user wrote which repeats itself from time to time. Triggers are used to offer pics or videos in the channel.

For example:

To get these pics just type in /ctcp f2k|away !qmseries carrie 1 to 3 or /ctcp f2k|away !qmseries carrie all to get all of them.Don't forget the /ctcp or else you won't get any pics

I put in the trigger but can't get any pics. What am I doing wrong? top
The question isn't what you did wrong, it's what went wrong!
There are different possibilities for this problem:
  1. Your PC can't connect to the other PC. Then you'll see "unable to connect" or "connection failed" in the status-window. Shit happens! You can't change it. You and/or the other user should try logging in again!
  2. The most frequent problem is that your mIRC won't accept *.jpg-files.
    Here's how to solve the problem: Menu DCC > Options > Folders

Tip: Choose function "ignore all except" at point 3

In field 4 you can tell your mIRC what files to accept.

To add different types of files just write *.jpg into the field and click Add.
Repeat this with *.jpeg, *.jpe,*.avi and so on.

The function "turn ignore back on in" will turn the ignore-function back on after 3 mins if you didn't turn this function off.

Are there any security risks in the IRC (Virus', Trojans…)? top

Let's put it this way: where aren't there any risks?

You can find just about anything in the IRC but there are a couple of idiots that send around virus' here too! (although I've never heard about it in the Undernet!).

It is possible that other users make port scans but if you're having a firewall that's just annoying.

Conclusion: an anti virus program with real time protection and a firewall could be useful if you don't want to take a risk.

How can I navigate an fserver and what is an fserver anyway? top
You can compare an fserver to an ftp-server. The user that offers an fserver lets you browse through his hard disk. Of course you can download files there too.
Fservers are navigated by using DOS-Commands.

The navigation:
Usually all commands and their functions will be explained in the fserver when you enter it.
Anyway… here are the basics

  • dir : shows the files in the folder
  • cd <folder> : changes the directory. E.g. cd scans > \scans
  • cd.. : go to the parent directory
  • get <file> : downloads the file you've requested
  • getall: get all files that are in the folder (not supported everywhere)
  • queue <file> : puts the requested file into your download queue. The download will start automatically.
  • queue all : queues all files from the directory (this function isn't supported by any fserver too. Or this function is limited to 100 files or something)
  • queue <mask> : queues the files that correspond with your request. E.g. queue *Jennifer* will queue all files that contain "Jennifer"
  • zip all : your requested files will be sent to you in a zip file
  • help <function> : you'll get an explanation to the function you've entered. E.g. help dir will explain to you what this command will do (this function isn't supported by any fserver)
How can I offer my pics in the channel? top
There are different possibilities.
  1. Just say what you want to offer and send the pics manually (DCC > send)
  2. Use trigger-scripts like Queue Master. You'll get Queue Master on

Installation of queue master:

  1. Unzip the files in your mIRC directory (you should get a subfolder called Que_Master)
  2. Open the remotes in mIRC (Tools > Remotes or Alt+R). There you have to load the script by using the menu File > Load > Script. Search for load-qm.mrc and click open
  3. There will pop up a window with a warning that a script will be loaded. Click Yes
  4. You'll here a sound that will confirm the successful installation.

How you make offers is explained on the web site above mentioned